Morocco is a special place to us at Range. It was the destination for our first sourcing trip and where we maintain relationships to this day. Seeing the devastation that the recent earthquake left behind has us all wondering how we can help. Below we’ve gathered information on reputable funds looking for donations for recovery and rebuilding efforts.

When Did The Morocco Earthquake Hit?

On Friday, September 8 at 11:11pm, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco, south of Marrakech. According to The Guardian, the epicenter was in the rural town of Ighil, in the Al Haouz province. This was not far from where we visited during our last trip, near the Atlas Mountains.

An earthquake of this magnitude had not hit in 100 years. As you can imagine, the infrastructure and available resources in rural and remote areas are more limited than those in Marrakech and other urban centers.

While it’s still early, it’s been reported that 2000+ people have lost their lives and countless others have been injured and lost their homes. Many are without shelter and basic necessities like food and drinking water.

How Much Damage Is There In Marrakech?

According to our partners on the ground, Marrakech has experienced damage, especially in the Medina, but far less than the outskirts of the city and rural areas near and in the Atlas Mountains.

Many hotels have remained open and we hear that rubble was beginning to be cleared within hours. We’ve been told that largely the city is returning to life as normal—as much as possible—and they’re encouraging tourists to continue with their trips since tourism fuels so much of the local economy.

We’ll continue to monitor and communicate about the local scene as quickly as we’re able.

How You Can Help

If you’re able to donate, please do so, as financial support will allow local groups to direct emergency and repair efforts as needed. Beyond rebuilding, life as normal (school, family income, etc.) will be interrupted for many families across the region. Below is a round up and short description of charities and NGOs that are on the ground currently providing relief and vetted by our partners.

  • Amal Nonprofit: This women’s training center has created an earthquake relief fund to support victims in the El Haouz region. 100% of donations will go directly to victims of the earthquake. Short-term assistance includes cooking and distributing food and providing critical assistance; longer-term will help individuals and communities with rebuilding efforts.
  • Education For All Morocco: This organization builds and runs boarding houses in remote, poor areas of Morocco, providing safe education for Moroccan girls. Funds will be used for emergency needs, repairing buildings, and supporting girls and their families.
  • Global Diversity Foundation: The High Atlas Earthquake Relief Fund will go directly to the remote and marginalized villages in the area that was affected greatly.
  • World Central Kitchen: A nonprofit that may be familiar to you, founded by Jose Andres, has mobilized relief teams to provide food and water within the affected areas.
  • Eve Branson Foundation: Named after Eve Branson, mother of Richard (British businessman) and Vanessa (co-founder of Marrakech’s El Fenn), this foundation is coordinating on-the-ground relief in the Asni region and supporting long-term recovery efforts.
  • Amis Des Ecoles: If you prefer to support in a hyperlocal way, consider this nonprofit, which provides educational opportunities for children and women’s empowerment in rural areas. Your donation will be processed through Breakthrough, their U.S. tax-deductible fiscal sponsor.

Your Purchases Support Relief

When you shop with Range you’ll also be supporting relief efforts. Through the remainder of September, we’ll be donating 10% of all sales of all Moroccan items to local fundraising, based on the need at that time.

While donations tend to pour in immediately following an event like this, sustained support is critical for long-term rebuilding. The Moroccan people are resilient and we’re committed to standing behind them through this. Thanks for what you can do!