Aside from the leather pouf, one of the most identifiable Moroccan decor staples is the pom pom blanket—sometimes referred to as the tassel blanket.

You’ll know them when you see them. Many have silver or gold geometric strips and, of course, pom poms adorn the ends.

They’re made of natural wool on hand looms by Berber weavers and are gaining such popularity that you shouldn’t be surprised when you see dupes (made of polyester and other synthetic materials) popping up in big box stores and online shops.

How Pom Pom Blankets Are Used

In Morocco, rather than down comforters and duvets, you’ll find pom pom blankets on the beds in most riads and hotels. Because of the temperate climate in many of the cities, they’re used to cover the entirety of the bed on top of sheets.

In the U.S., I’ve mostly seen them used as a layering blanket. Because they’re made of handspun wool, they’re perfect for the cooler months. But they aren’t just used for warmth.

If you’ve ever wondered how designers style their beds to look so cozy and inviting, the added blankets and throws at the end are the secret ingredient.

Pom pom blankets do just the trick, adding depth to your room—something that immediately makes the space feel cozier, no matter the size. It’s also a way to integrate some color in an otherwise neutral palette.

These blankets come in two sizes: standard and king size. Due to the handmade nature of these throws, all are slightly different sizes. But as a general rule of thumb you can expect:

  • The standard size is approximately 59” x 70” and is wide enough to fit across most twin and queen size beds.
  • The king size is approximately 76” x 100” and, as you guessed it, accommodates the width of a king size bed.

3 Ways to Style a Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket

1. Folded at the End
The most popular method of layering a bed is adding a throw or blanket to the end. This adds some interest to an otherwise blank space and makes it easy to grab without messing up the entire bed. If you prefer a more casual look, drape the blanket at the end rather than spreading it out in a tight fold. You can even let it hang all the way to the floor to replace a bed skirt or hide your bed frame.

2. Draped Across a Corner
If you prefer the smaller size, you can always drape the blanket across one corner of the end of your bed. This asymmetric look adds a layer without adding too much heat. If you’ve got a partner who sleeps hot while you’re left freezing, this is a nice compromise that will keep you from playing cover wars all night long.

3. Layered on Top of Your Comforter
You may also like the look of the blanket covering your whole bed. If so, allow the pom poms to hang over the end of the bed and fold the top so there’s a bit of space between where your pillows hit and the next layer takes over.

How to Care For Your Pom Pom Blanket

We recommend dry cleaning your blanket before use to clear up the fuzzies that naturally occur with 100% natural fiber products. If you’re balking at that idea, let me calm your nerves. It cost us under $5 to do this, similar to cleaning one of your beloved winter sweaters.

You can absolutely spot treat, but know that if you place this item in the washer or dryer the pom poms may separate.

Not sure which one is for you? Visit us for our current selection—we’re happy to help pick the perfect color and size to update the most important room in your home.