If the thought of Mexico brings up visions of Girls Gone Wild and tequila shots, you should know that this country offers much more than you might have seen as a college student. On our three trips in 2023 we found Mexico to be a wonderfully-welcoming, culturally-rich destination for families and solo trips alike.

For our second collection, we gathered pieces from across the country. Starting in Sayulita, a beach town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, and making our way to Oaxaca, we found small boutiques within proximity to traditional weavers and makers themselves.

Our trip spanned late March to early April, just as folks back home were starting to get a hint of warmer weather. That made it easy to focus this collection on spring and summer—two seasons that Mexico gets right most of the year.

Laid Back Coastal Life in Sayulita

As we prepared for our grand opening, set just five days after we returned home from this trip, we wanted to set the tone with colorful, patterned, original pieces that were hard to find in hunt country. It was easy to do that while sourcing in Sayulita.

A fishing village of only 5,000 residents, Sayulita has become popular with visitors looking for a laid-back lifestyle, surfing, and beachside living. Well-known by Americans on the West Coast for some time, it’s started to quickly gain more popularity in the lsat five years.

A bit about this place: while it’s less than 24 miles from the Puerto Vallarta airport, it takes close to 1.5 hours to drive. This is due to the geography—winding two-lane roads cut straight through the jungle—and traffic.

You won’t find large chain hotels here. If you’re looking for that type of visit, check out nearby Punta de Mita, which has a W Hotel, Four Seasons, Conrad, or St. Regis.

In Sayulita you’ll get around on foot or by golf cart. The streets are narrow and vendors line them, which made it perfect for a sourcing trip.

Highlights of our Sayulita Collection

If this haul could be categorized by one word it would be vibrant. No matter how much you love your neutrals, the beach invites you to throw a pastel or neon into the mix. And if you walked by our window, that’s what you would find.

  • Pool Days Tote Bag and Straw Bags. A cornerstone of this collection included the large totes, clutches, and cross-body bags. Durable and made of recycled materials, the Pool Days Tote is easy to clean and can carry a surprising amount. Fun fact: these aren’t just made for tourist consumption. They’re used across the region, from hotel housekeeping staff to locals heading out for a beach day.
  • Purse Tassels. These were attached to every bag, large and small. Adding one to a purse, bag, or carry on instantly elevates your bag and makes it stand out in a sea of sameness.
  • Pom Pom Garlands. Used both as as golf cart decor and home decor, these strands of pom poms were everywhere. The most often question we got was, “What are these for?” Like many of our items, there’s multi-purpose. We’ve seen them strung over a bed and over a bookshelf. We’ve hung them on a bar cart. And this holiday season we’re planning on lining our tree with a single-color garland.
  • Beaded and Woven Jewelry. Microbead and woven bracelets are available on nearly every corner. We think they’re perfect for layering and gifting alike.
  • Painted Skulls. The sugar skulls we have in stock are actually molded of clay and handpainted. The larger variety, purchased from Sayulita artists, are designed to be hung and make a statement on their own or in a trio, as we have in our own home.
  • Macrame Lighting. We’ve spotted macrame lights in restaurants and Architectural Digest and think they’re perfect above a small table or in the corner of a room. When you purchase one from Range you’ll also get a swag light kit that plugs into any outlet or electrical kit.
  • Mexican Fashion. The Mexican fashion scene is on fire. After seeing so many small labels with unique items that aren’t regularly available in our area, we scooped up a small number of kimonos and tunics that can be layered throughout the year as well as sandals and kids puebla dresses.

Oaxaca: An Artist’s Haven

Oaxaca has a much different feeling, nestled in the mountains away from the coast. Its colonial architecture is reminiscent of a European city, though on a much smaller scale.

As the capital of Oaxaca State and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll find that many crafts and products are produced in and around Oaxaca city, rather than transported as they are in larger cities. From rug weavers to traditional potters to the painters responsible for wall murals, you’re surrounded by creativity and expression.

Aside from the handicrafts you’ll find in most artisan markets across the country, there are a few trades that have been perfected over the decades and centuries, resulting in products that individuals and companies flock to Oaxaca to acquire.

If you’re considering a trip, check out our tips for traveling to Oaxaca.

Highlights of our Oaxaca Collection

  • Pottery. Oaxaca is one of the few places in the world where black clay pottery is produced. Often emulated, black clay (barro negro) pottery is shaped by hand and takes, on average 20 days to complete. The matte finish on many pieces add to its modern appeal.
  • Belts. Leather goods are widely available in Oaxaca, many of which incorporate woven textile designs. These flew off the shelves in both men’s and women’s sizes and are sure to return next season.
  • Rugs. Just as Moroccan rugs have a recognizable style, Oaxacan rugs have one of their own. Produced with more of a flat weave that high pile, you’ll find these rugs to have more of a geometric pattern and/or lines, giving a similar feel to Navajo designs. Nearby Teotitlán is where many of these rugs originate, made with foot looms.
  • Hats. When sunscreen alone won’t protect you from the rays, hats become part of your everyday attire. There were many woven options we found in the market as well as higher-end boutiques.
  • Pillow Covers. Woven pillow covers and throws were produced in the storefronts of Oaxaca, allowing passersby to witness this art. Our 18″x18″ black and white Oaxaca throw pillows are easy to care for and stack in any living room.

Wondering what’s still available? Send us a note and we’ll personally check for you.