How did we survive without washable rugs? Given the ads showing up in my social feed and mailbox lately, you’d think that if a rug’s not washable you’d never be able to maintain it.

And if there’s one common concern that we hear among Range visitors it’s this: “I love this but my dog/kids/husband will ruin it.”

We get it. The items we have in store are statement pieces. They look more complex than what you’d pull off the shelf at a big box store. But they aren’t precious. They’re meant to be lived in and passed on without extra worry about wear and tear.

Let’s take our Moroccan rugs to start. Most are high pile and hand-knotted. They look expensive. That’s why people love them so much. They’re different and clearly one-of-a-kind.

Would we put one under a dinner table if you’ve got a young family? Probably not. But a hallway or sitting room? Absolutely.

They do require a bit more consideration (for instance, don’t let your cleaners use their super force vacuum on it week after week), but that’s what we’re here for.

Spot Cleaning Your Blankets, Pillows, and Rugs

Growing up I don’t remember my mom every throwing home items in the washing machine. She spot cleaned them or took them out back to hose ’em off, simultaneously providing us with entertainment and a much-needed bath.

We like to take a similar approach to our textiles. Like our Moroccan Pom Pom Blankets.

These are perfect for cozying up on the couch or spreading across the end of a bed—especially now that we’ve got king size in stock.

Made of cotton and wool, these aren’t the type you’d throw in the washing machine. But that doesn’t mean they have to be high maintenance. Let’s be honest, you’re not dry cleaning your wool sweaters with every wear.

1-2 trips to the dry cleaners per year should do the trick. About the same you’d take your winter coat in.

Don’t Wait For The Good Stuff

Decorating your home can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re first moving in and just want to feel like you’ve landed. Or if you’re going through a change.

It’s easy to settle for a filler item. Filler items are something we consider good enough to get us through. They’re fine for now. But they aren’t want we really want. They don’t give that “ah, yes, this feels so good” feeling.

But because we need to get on with other areas of our life we’re hesitant to commit.

Sometimes it’s because of the phase of life we’re in. We cast away our desires for one day, worrying that we can’t indulge or afford it today. Instead we go to Target and drop $325. Then the next year rolls around and we find ourselves searching for something to replace the $325 interim item. The feeling of never having it just right becomes all too familiar.

I’ve felt that before with clothes. Keeping my favorite pieces for special events—not wanting to waste a good outfit on an ordinary day.

If our days, in fact, make up our lives, then are we ever wasting the good stuff?

Beige Is A Shade, Not A Color Palette

Designer, Justina Blakeney, is known for her signature splashes of color and foliage. On a recent podcast episode, she and author, Cleo Wade, were discussing her path to interiors. Cleo mentioned a friend whose take on wellness is making sure she’s surrounded by beauty and beautiful spaces of deep expression.

Over the last few years as our homes have become our offices, it’s never been more apparent how our rooms and homes affect our mood. When you walk into a hotel lobby and you’re taken aback by its grandiosity, you feel something. When you sit in a spa, even the waiting room emits a very specific feeling. We should all want that in our daily lives.

If you’ve visited Range, you know we’re not afraid of color. But we also know it’s not realistic or desirable for most homes to look like a store. Our hope is that you can find a few pieces that make your space come alive. These are the pieces that will transition from room to room, residence to residence, allowing you to reimagine your layout whenever inspiration hits.

When you buy what you love you’ll always find a place for it.