The conversation at the table adjacent to ours, starting out with niceties, took on a more desperate tone. The American importer grasped at attempts to convince the winery owner that he should be the sole U.S. distributor.

We cringed at the negotiations, easily entertained. In between sips one of us flippantly said, “We could do that better.”

That ‘what if?’ turned into ‘when?
more quickly than we imagined. Five
months later
, with bold naivete, we turned
our love of travel into a business.

At a basic level, we sell globally-sourced goods. But our mission is bigger than that. We want to inspire you to create a life and a home that you don’t need a vacation from.

Just like mountains, humans have range. We’re unpredictable, ever changing, and full of differences and dichotomies.

That very fact makes it unnatural for the spaces we live, play, and recharge in to be narrowly defined by one color or style. Rather than aiming to make sense, why don’t we aim to feel good?

So book the ticket, take the risk, and embrace change. It’s the only thing we can count on in this beautiful, messy, exciting trek we call life.

Shop Talk

  • Meet Kim

    Kim Wensel is the Creative Director of Range Global Goods. In addition to her role as mom to Stella and Jack, she runs an independent communications consulting practice, Pattern of Purpose.

    • What inspires you?
      I’m a magazine junkie. I love the storytelling, layouts, and photography.
    • Best travel advice?
      Pack half the clothes, double the cash.
    • Work to live or live to work?
      As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to separate my work from my passions.
      I’ve had to learn to set boundaries when I’m with my family, most
      importantly: leaving my laptop behind.
    • Travel pet peeve?
      “Do it for the ‘gram” culture. When you’re spending all of your time
      posing, you’re missing out on an authentic experience (and likely pissing
      people off).
    • Longest day of travel?
      Cape Town to Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Two international flights, one tuk
      tuk, one 10-hour train ride, and a ferry.
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