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You know that vacation feeling? The one that allows you to loosen your shoulders, dine in your bathing suit, and dream big again? We want to help you keep that spirit long after you’ve returned home.

The Sourcing Journey

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Touchdown in Marrakech

After a red eye and a connection, we’re running on pure adrenaline. The only cure for jet lag is the wonderfully chaotic energy of the medina and a tall pour of mint tea.

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Browse The Markets

Our local guides escort us to warehouses and navigate the maze of the souks. Each item is handpicked for its color, texture, and pattern. This is where the negotiating begins.

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Wander Like a Local

It’s hard to appreciate the culture if you’re sticking to the tourist zones. Getting out of the city offers the gift of slow mornings after packed days of sightseeing.

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Cargo Arrives

Could we do it faster? Sure. With less hassle? Absolutely. But keeping it in-house allows us to pay artisans a living wage, while also keeping our prices fair.

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Showcase New Collection

Each trip brings fresh inventory to the shop.
Stocking one-of-a-kind handmade pieces means
we can’t promise they’ll be here for long.

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Book the Trip

As soon as a collection is tagged, we’re thinking about our next stop. Get your special requests in before wheels up.

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Another rug reel? Yes, ma’am.

Meet Remy.

Playful and noticeable, and yet she easily transitions between minimal and maximal rooms. And the blue! The BLUE 😍

If you haven’t noticed, we believe in the power of runners. This one is 3’3” x 10’2”

She’s on the site and floor this weekend, so if you love her snatch her! And if the threat of snow is keeping you at home, DM us for close ups.

#vintagerunner #vintagerug #vintageturkishrugs #maximalistinteriors #leesburgva
Meet Vera.

She’s for our neutral lovers—those who have a vibe going on already and need a runner to pull it together.

Vintage Turkish runners with this much integrity in color and length are hard to find. She’s online now and in the shop Friday…unless someone scoops her first ⏰

Dimensions: 2’9” x 12’6”

#vintagerugs #vintageturkishrugs #leesburgva #neutraldecor #vintagehomedecor
Meet Regina.

This vintage Turkish, jewel-toned beauty is one of my favorites we’ve had in the shop to date.

She’s going up on the site tonight. DM me for pricing, photos, and any questions you have. I doubt she’ll be here for too long.

Dimensions: 3’2” x 13’7”
This custom project came to us in the DMs. A customer had a vintage piano bench that needed some love.

Were we up for it? Hell yes.

From picking out the perfect black paint color to choosing an organic, worldly cushion fabric, we were able to give this piece of furniture new life.

Thank you, Sarma, for trusting us with your vision! I hope it makes playing so much more enjoyable 🎼

#vintagebench #vintagepianobench #upcycledfurniture #newpaintjob #mudcloth #leesburgva #kimballpianobench #kimballpianos
Fresh off a plane from Morocco last night!

New cactus silk pillows in stock. Keep an eye on the website for this drop 🌈