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can enjoy it at home.

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You know that vacation feeling? The one that allows you to loosen your shoulders, dine in your bathing suit, and dream big again? We want to help you keep that spirit long after you’ve returned home.

The Sourcing Journey

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Touchdown in Marrakech

After a red eye and a connection, we’re running on pure adrenaline. The only cure for jet lag is the wonderfully chaotic energy of the medina and a tall pour of mint tea.

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Browse The Markets

Our local guides escort us to warehouses and navigate the maze of the souks. Each item is handpicked for its color, texture, and pattern. This is where the negotiating begins.

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Wander Like a Local

It’s hard to appreciate the culture if you’re sticking to the tourist zones. Getting out of the city offers the gift of slow mornings after packed days of sightseeing.

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Cargo Arrives

Could we do it faster? Sure. With less hassle? Absolutely. But keeping it in-house allows us to pay artisans a living wage, while also keeping our prices fair.

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Showcase New Collection

Each trip brings fresh inventory to the shop.
Stocking one-of-a-kind handmade pieces means
we can’t promise they’ll be here for long.

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Book the Trip

As soon as a collection is tagged, we’re thinking about our next stop. Get your special requests in before wheels up.

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Today’s my first day at Range, full time.

For the last 9 months I’ve worked 7 days a week, splitting my time between the shop and an oncology start up.

10/10 would not recommend. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make it work.

Small business isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires copious amounts of caffeine and cabernet. And while this year has served lesson after lesson, we continue to believe in the power of community and the magic of makers.

Thank you for every share, purchase, and follow. You are the reason we’re here this holiday season and every day that follows 🎢
Thank you for a splendid long weekend!

From seeing old friends to meeting new, I am humbled you shopped small with us.

If you ordered a gift certificate online, they’re shipping to your door tomorrow.

Next up…Happy Holidaaaaays ☃️
On this Super Bowl of shopping days, let this be your reminder:

Even though that ad may be tempting you to buy MORE, MORE, MORE, it’s okay to pause and ask yourself: do I really need this?

Our culture thrives on consumption, but I worry what that does to our mental health. Collecting stuff doesn’t make us happy. In fact, it can overwhelm us and make us feel trapped.

It’s okay to opt for less 💬 says the shop owner herself!
You’re going to hear a lot about shopping small this week. And while these messages are typically focused on how it helps business owners, I want to share how shopping small helps YOU.

01. It gives you a place to enjoy and entertain. Hosting this Thanksgiving? You’re probably not poring over your Amazon cart with them. Shopping small (and more than just once a year) allows you to have a vibrant downtown area to share with visitors. The more you support small, the more options there are available to you.

02. You get to see things you’ve never seen before. Curious about where our wall hangings come from? Love that vintage dress from @muzandrose? Your local business owners spend hours each week curating selections so that we can offer something unique and different that you can’t get elsewhere.

03. Activities, events, and entertainment. From First Fridays to special events like the Flower & Garden Show, Leesburg works hard to make this a fun place to be. Events like our Ornament Painting Workshop next week (3 tickets left!) allow you to meet your neighbors and find likeminded people in your community.

This town has some amazing deals to share this Small Business Saturday and I’ll be sharing them all week with you.

Thanks for supporting Range. Thanks for shopping small 🙏🏼